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Hundreds of different product types are fully stocked in our warehouse

ABM was founded in 1974 by the father and son duo of Max and Bruno Andreone. With humble beginnings as television antenna installers, they soon realized that the future was in wire and it's supporting parts. ABM was created as a vehicle to deliver their own brand of products to a young, emerging industry.

Over the years there have been many innovations from ABM. One of these innovations is our "K" series knurled F coaxial connectors. Thousands of man-hours are saved every year because of the simple knurling of a connector head. Another innovation is the use of Beryllium in all of our F81 and F61 connectors, ground blocks and oem products. This ensures that the performance of the connector is ensured over the long term due to the robust, and elastic nature of Beryllium. The same unequaled quality goes into our triple-plated machined brass threads, pre-terminated patch cords and all ABM connectors. ABM Wallplates are made with virgin PVC, and powdered fillers are not used.

Circa 2006, it is now 32 years later and a lot has changed in the industry. One thing that has remained steadfast is the ABM philosophy. We still offer great products at competitive prices and stand behind what we sell.

Give us a call at 604-882-9473, or email steve@abmproducts.com.

VCR's and Pay TV! New concepts once upon a time, and ABM was at the technical forefront.

1985 - Leading the Revolution
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In 2000, ABM's F-Crimp connectors were featured in an article about Shaw Communications, printed in The Globe and Mail.

2000 - Globe & Mail
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ABM's connectors featured on your television... a bit larger than life size!

2006 - ABM super-sized on your TV screen!