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ABM's head office in Surrey, British Columbia, CanadaABM Products Inc is a manufacturer of Cable Television and Satellite Television quality components. These range from patch cords, to connectors, to low-loss adapters, to high frequency hardware and more. All of our products have been designed with insight from both Cable operators and Satellite providers, which gives us the unique ability to keep on top of changes in the industry.

Whether the changes are 3GHz low-loss splice connectors, to the latest in compression crimp technology. Or maybe it's the latest in digital data transmission parts, we have the right products for your needs.


ABM releases a new line of wallplates while celebrating 33 years of business.



ABM is pleased to announce the launch of our new website. We welcome your feedback and look forward to serving you in new and innovative ways.



ABM partners with "Central Products", a company devoted to manufacturing cost effective cable TV equipment, including ground blocks, F81...


F6 Knurled Connector

F81 3GHz Splices

ABM Wall plate

We carry over 100 quality television connectors and components. For a full line of our product range, please visit our products page or call us at 604-882-9473.

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