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AM-81-2/G components, including Beryllium contact

A number of F81's congregating

F81 Splice (3GHz)

The “Original” Super F81

The AM-81-2/G is ideal for use in high frequency applications, digital TV, broadband modems, or headend use. It features our trademark Beryllium 360-degree contact, the FIRST and BEST in the industry. The Beryllium contact allows use with any size cable, from mini to RG2 - maintaining a tight fit for cleaner transmission of data, even after multiple cable insertion. The Beryllium contact design also makes for better long term reliability with fewer instances of center conductor corrosion/oxidization.

Product Details — AM-81-2/G:

Machined brass body, nickel plate 27mm long body
Blue insert
360-degree ROUND seizing pin makes full contact around the cable offering lower contact resistance and higher current handling
Return loss over 32db @ 1GHz, 30db @ 2GHz, 27db @ 3GHz
Higher return loss than standard F81 for faster digital transmission
Lower insertion loss than basic F81 - 0.1db @ 1GHz, 0.3bd @ 3GHz
Exceeds all SCTE performance specs for F81 splice systems

Product Specifications — AM-81-2/G:

Thread pitch: 3/8-32 UNEF
Overall length: 27mm
Beryllium insert  more info
DC - 3GHz sweep



The CLF81-M is the original 1GHz F81 splice.

Product Specifications — CLF81-M:

Thread pitch: 3/8-32 UNEF
22.5mm long, Brass machined body, triple plated with a nickel finish
Beryllium "pincer" style contact
DC - 1GHz sweep