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F-59 ML Mini Connector

F-59 ML Knurled Mini Connector

F-61 ML Mini Connector

ABM Mini Cable

Mini F

In some areas, the large F59 with it's maximum bend radius can be tough to maneuver. This is where the mini series comes in. For use in any short run applications from headend use, to home use.

F-61 Mini

Like the F mini series, the F61 mini can be used in any short run application where you would need a splice. Beryllium contacts are used in the F61 internal structure, and "super 3GHz" is also available.

F Mini Patch Cords

Custom patch cords are available using any type of mini F connector. (Additional patch cord information here.) Email or call us for pricing and delivery information.

ABM Mini Cable

For use in an short run application from head end to the last mile. ABM mini cable is 75ohm, has a copper center conductor, and 60% braid. With such a small diameter cable, you can twist and turn the ABM mini cable without altering it's performance or going beyond it's bending radius.